Art Experts Warn of a Surging Market in Fake Prints

Spurred by advances in photomechanical reproduction, forgers are increasingly selling unauthorized copies of famous works on the internet, and elsewhere.  NYT

Director's Series: Fair Treatment of Artists Under the Law With Bruce Lehman

Join us for an evening discussion of the legal issues artists face today led by Bruce A. Lehman. In his lecture titled “Fair Treatment of Artists under the Law” he will bring some of these matters to light and open up an important discussion for artists and non-artists alike 

Fighting for International Copyright from Gulf Coast

 “We were then in a period when the U.S. had a difficult time in terms of international competition,” Lehman recalls. Japanese manufacturers were savaging the U.S. in the electronics and automotive fields, and when President Jimmy Carter got elected in 1976, an even greater priority was placed on international patent law and encouraging investment in technology. 

Change the date to boost turnout

 In a year of striking differences and arguments on social media, we have an amazing movement occurring in the city of Sarasota that was built on bipartisanship called “Change the Date Sarasota.” 

Common Trademark Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners

We all know how important it is to brand your business. The names, logos and symbols that identify the brand you use in marketing your products or services can be legally protected as trademarks. The information below will help you grow your business while you guard your brand. 

When Congress Paid Its Interns

 By failing to pay interns, Congress not only dissuades children of the non-affluent from becoming interns, but also limits the talent pool from which it draws most of its paid staff. “Whenever we had an opening on our staff, we would always hire from the ranks of former interns above everyone else,” said John Weinfurter, the longtime chief of staff for Joe Moakley.