Areas of Specialty

Political Expertise

It's not just knowing which doors to knock on, but when to knock on them.  We never leave you standing at a closed door hoping to get in.  We offer you our political expertise, combined with our principled core beliefs and values, to help you strengthen your relationships in the ever changing world of the government.   

Strategic Planning

We help you set your priorities, focus your energy and resources, and strengthen your strategies to help get you to your goals, establish agreements around intended outcomes, and assess and adjust your direction in order to  navigate the continuous and fluid  playing field.

Governmental Affairs

Whether it’s new legislation, modifying current regulations, or stopping adverse legislation, we can help you get results in the most challenging circumstances.  We have skills and a history of experience in creating, implementing and changing public policy. 

Intellectual Property

The ideas people have from which they create involves both scientific and creative works. The rules for claiming exclusive rights to a work and the rules for enforcing those rights vary depending on the type of the creation and laws that govern. Intellectual property laws have changed significantly. Enforcement and protections of intellectual property have become even more challenging. This area of law continues to grow and evolve. We have always been a part of this conversation.


Our experience in developing the privacy laws gives us a keen understanding of how the boundaries of privacy are determined, how/when privacy overlaps security and confidentiality, and the modern concepts of appropriate use.    

Our experience offers you insight to the protection and preservation of your right to privacy, trade secrets, the limits of government intrusion.

Media / Telecommunications

As technology continues to be developed, many questions are left unanswered. Laws that ignore the fast-paced spread of wireless services, VoIP, video conferencing, and satellite/cable television services do not address emerging legal issues that continue to confront attorneys and members of the telecommunications industry.  Our background in media and telecommunications can help you  prepare for a future that most cannot predict.